Dog Vitamins – 3 Crucial Vitamins Your Dog Must Have


Just like humans taking vitamins to keep themselves fit, healthy and energetic throughout the day, dogs need dog vitamins too. Even though most commercial foods have already mixed vitamins as part of their dog food formula, many veterinarians and researchers believe that extra vitamins and dog supplements will be required in dog’s diet to keep them healthy.

You see, there are many free radicals in the air that are responsible for illnesses and aging of dogs. And the only way to fight them is with a healthy dose of vitamins.

With that said, a common question among dog owners is, “What vitamins does my dog need?” To clear up the air, here are 3 main dog vitamins that can prolong your dog’s lifespan and boosts his/her immunity so they can stay illness-free most of the time…

Vitamin #1 – Vitamin C

Research has shown that vitamin C is responsible for promoting the growth in dogs and the repairing of tissues. And just like humans, old tissues die and new tissue forms. So to prevent our dog from rapid aging, vitamin C is a must. checkout more on

Vitamin #2 – Vitamin B

dogDid you know that dog vitamins B control your dog’s skin, coat, eyes and liver health? So if your dog is suffering from bad-looking coat and skin conditions, it is most probably due to the lack of dog B vitamins.

And that’s not all…

Vitamin B also controls the nervous system in dogs. And that is why vitamin B is one of the must-have dog vitamins.

Vitamin #3 – Vitamin B2

Taking a healthy dose of vitamin B2 improves your dog’s immunity system and helps its body deal better with illnesses and diseases. visit us here!